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This new version is significantly different from the original Community Edition. Therefore, your old data will not transfer to your new installation, and MazeRunner’s internal update feature will not work. You will need to redeploy MazeRunner.

The following table summarizes the main differences between the Enterprise and Community Editions.
Linux decoys
Windows decoys
User-provided decoy image
Linux breadcrumbs
Windows breadcrumbs
Deception stories using business cases
Commercial useFirst 30 days only[1]
Large-scale deployment support
Remote deployment to endpoints through MazeRunner™
Deception campaign auto-regeneration
Alerting through syslog and email
STIX/TAXII integration
Domain integration
Alerting of attempts to use deceptive credentials obtained using
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The MazeRunner Community Edition is publicly available for private initiatives and research endeavors at no cost or commitment to purchase.

[1] If you are installing MazeRunner Community Edition for your own private use in a non-commercial and non-production environment, you are not limited in the amount of "decoys" and "endpoints" you may deploy. If you are installing MazeRunner Community Edition on behalf of an organization, you may use the product solely for internal testing and evaluation of the software and its performance in a non-production environment. The software is not limited to any number of "decoys" and "endpoints" for the first 30 days, but its use is limited to 1 "decoy" and 10 "endpoints" following this 30-day period.

Please consult the full text of the license for additional details, as the full terms of the license govern.
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